Batch Fax2JPEG

Batch Fax2JPEG 3.0

It enables you to convert different types of fax files to jpg/jpeg images
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Transform the content of files from fax machines into regular JPEG images. Access and process XD, FXM, FXR, FXS, BitFax BFX, APRO, MightyFax APF, black-white DCX BMP fax, Faxwizard FMF, CALS Group IV (type I), MS AWD, Quick Link GFX, Kofax Ascent Capture DS FAX, etc.

Batch Fax2JPEG is a fax to jpg/jpeg converter, enables you to convert WinFax fxd fxm fxr fxs, BitFax bfx, APRO, MightyFax apf, black-white dcx bmp fax, Faxwizard FMF, CALS Group IV (type I) cal cg4 mil ras img gp4, Microsoft awd, Zetafax g3f g3n, Image System ig4, Quick Link qfx, Kofax Ascent Capture ds fax, Xerox Edmics-mmr ED, black-white tif tiff compressed by Modified Huffman, group3, group 4, PackBits and uncompressed tif tiff, raw fax like g3 g4 mh mr mmr fax, and all other group 3, group 4 compressed fax files, etc, to jpg/jpeg images in batches.

Main Features :

- Convert following fax formats to jpg jpeg images
- Keep the converted file's date and time optionally
- Auto splitting a multiple-page fax file into multiple jpeg files.
- Options to control fax detection parameters.
- Both GUI and command line modes.
- Monitor/Watch fax & converting fax files after received it automatically along with FREE FaxWatch.
- Runs on Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista operating systems.

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